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Boingo Embedded Wi-Fi Toolkit

SourceForge Linux name: boingowifitool

The Boingoฎ Embedded Wi-Fi Toolkit is a modular connection manager that can be integrated into dual-mode phones, VoIP handsets, portable gaming consoles, digital cameras, and other mobile devices that can benefit from broadband connectivity.

The Toolkit was developed for handset and chipset manufacturers, OEMs and ODMs, and other industry participants who would like to add public and private Wi-Fi connectivity to a mobile device. The core toolkit layer is distributed under the LGPL license, and modifications must be republished to the open source community. The application layer and platform abstraction layer are distributed under the Apache 2.0 license, so republishing is not required, allowing you to retain the intellectual property surrounding your hardware and software interfaces. See the links at left for more information on this software architecture.

The Toolkit allows any Wi-Fi device or handset to seamlessly and transparently access any Wi-Fi hot spot around the world. Developers may independently test and validate their port of the Toolkit using the Network Test Platform which includes sample configuration files and scripts. Logo ฉ 2006 Boingo Wireless, Inc. -- All Rights Reserved